Art as Therapy Studio

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The start of my research

Art Therapy: in the lives of Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Frank Buckley gives an insight into the works of three artists that use art as a form of therapy.   In dept research and therory of the variations between the artists and how they worked examining their lives and historical evidence  with conclusion of best practices of streaming the positives of art as a form of expression. 

 Art as Therapy 

Art as Therapy class runs Tuesday mornings, the class consists of a structured time slot of exercises, group work, freedom and choice to participate working  on individual or group projects.  Students will still learn and build practical skills but wont have the same judgement and constructional criticism in the Fine Art Drawing and Fine Art Painting classes.  Art as Therapy class will guide the student with their own practice.  I will include art therapy approaches I have researched,  learned and practiced in my own work with some therapeutic exercises.

Mixed Media

Art as Therapy is another form of how to use Mixed Media, Mixed media consists of using all and any art material source you can find to make art.  Students can explore all kinds of ways to use imagery to create works of art.  Combine imagery with learning techniques of print making.  Build and design anything sculptural or use technology in art.  Everything goes in this class also keeping things green and using recycled materials.

Creative Writing

Art as Therapy and the usage of writing is an important part of art, it has the ability to explain and describe a picture the same as a picture can explain words.  Art as therapy will help you to write creatively and in corporate writing into your art.  It will help you to use your words, sometimes the process of art making can unleash your vocabulary.